Chris Robeck


I have received two degrees from the University of Maryland College Park, one in Theater and another in Communications. I excelled at both and received a 3.5 GPA. In my time at the university I learned a great deal and received classes in among other things Public Relations, Digital Media, Digital Journalism, Advertising, Speech-writing, Directing and much more.

During my time at University of Maryland college Park I also received an Honors Citation from the living learning community Digital Cultures and Creativity. I completed the honors citation well and learned a great deal about digital media, programming, social media and the history of the digital age.

I also studied briefly aat St. Xaviers school in Mumbai India where I learned about Indian film studies and culture and how it differs and draws from American media and from Indian heritage and religion. While there I was considered a star pupil and gained a personal friendship with my professor.

I briefly attend Boston University's Summer Theater program where I was trained in theater and some of the works of Shakespeare. I also wrote and directed a full length film while there although this was not part of the course-work.