Chris Robeck

Film Work

What You Wish For

What You Wish For was a short film submitted to the campus movie fest competition. The film was created edited, and filmed in under twenty-four hours. The movie won Christopher Robeck an award for best actor and was nominated for Best Comedy.

Tutorial Videos for USAID

I worked briefly for the USAID bureau for management where in addition to memos and organizing management drives I also created a series of tutorial videos to help employees complete tasks using online apps. Though several interns submitted videos only mine were considered high enough quality to be used. Unfortunately I do not have these videos as upon completion they became the property of USAID.

Ghost Stoppers

Ghoststoppers was the first full crew full tech production. The movie showcases edited in muzzle flares, voice-over and a documentary style reminiscent of Parks and Recreation, or The Office but applied to paranormal investigators.

Maggie Home Alone

Maggie Home Alone was another short film completed in a short amount of time.We challenged ourselves to complete the film in under a week and to use only one actress. The film was well received and we won Best Actress and were nominated for Best Comedy


Rewind was our first attempt at the horror genre. We wanted to make an attempt at telling a story in an interesting way. The story is told backwards beginning at the ending in a style reminiscent of the film Memento. The film won Best Picture, and Best Editing.

In The Room

In The Room was a project half experiment and half film. Episodes were created weekly each created and filmed in under a week and created solely based on the comments and suggestions of the viewers. The series was well received and got hundreds of views and several subscribers.

Badass Ninja 3 (The Sequel to the Prequel)

Badass Ninja 3 was a comedy send-up of old 1980s martial arts movies. We made the movie as a showcase for our group's abilities with special effects and fight choreography.